Monday, April 28, 2008

Future Students Advice

There are a couple things that I would advise doing to be successful in English 304:

First, I would stay ahead of schedule. Everything in this class builds on itself, so it's better to get things done ahead of time so you can have time for questions or help from other group members.

Second, I would read the book. It's pretty easy to get by without reading the book for this course, but I would recommend reading it. It makes the extra difference between an A and B, and you'll also learn some valuable tools that you can use in the workforce.

Lastly, I would take advantage of your great teacher. Mrs. Rogers is an awesome teacher, and she's always there to help. With her office hours, her email, and her AIM, there's not really a time that she can't communicate with you. She'll help you out with anything, and she seems to like students who ask for help with problems.

You'll really enjoy this course. It's a nice break from the boring curriculum in my major, that's for sure. You get do to some stuff that's applicable to real life, so I kind of enjoyed that. So, have fun, and I wish you the best of luck!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tuskegee Syphilis Study

For my ethical research, I studied the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. This was a study done by the public health department on African American males and their problem with syphilis. The 600 participants were signed up in agreement that they would be given free medical exams and burial insurance.

Word shortly got out that the study was being used as a ploy rather than a way to help African American males. They were not being treated at all for their disease, and they were not helped at all. They were simply medical subjects to study.

I feel that this is why African Americans today do not trust the government. When we did things like this to them, they had to rebel to make their voice heard, and races were pushed further apart. If we simply and honestly had helped them like we said, this study would've been a stepping stone in the unification of America. I believe that our future is bright, though, and we will see more programs and studies in the future which will successfully help the African American culture.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ethical Lapses/Work Productivity

Along with reading the ethical study article, I have taken a couple construction classes based on ethics. I understand that this is a growing problem in our society, and unethical problems in the workplace can seriously harm companies well-being from the inside out.

I believe that ethical problems are very easy to initiate in the workplace. When a worker cuts a corner, forgets an assignment, or simply feels too tired or irritated at work, an ethical problem is likely to occur. A cover-up solution is usually produced in the workplace, and a worker tries to find the easiest solution to the problem, which is normally not the most ethical. This causes huge problems with companies across America, and the problems are only growing in numbers.

When an unethical situation is presented, it usually causes people to step back and not volunteer their involvement. While in the business force, teams of workers must solve problems as a group or team, to avoid conflict and problems down the road. I believe that most ethical problems are caused by lone-rangers in a business who go out on their own to close an easy "dirty deal" or who try to "fudge the numbers" to cover up their laziness. If the proper process is used, a system of checks and balances will catch the problems and resolve them before serious harm is caused to the structure of the company.

I think that the ethical lapse solution is simply eliminating laziness and greediness. When people are lazy or greedy they step out on a limb from the company to make sure that either they don't have to work, or they wish to be applauded by their coworkers for being a good businessperson. These two types of people cause great harm to a company, and they need to understand that the teamwork perspective to business, while slow or boring, is the only real way to get things done the right and ethical way.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Paper vs. Web Writing

Writing on the web and on paper are very different to me. I use them for different purposes, and I have come to realize what form is best-used at certain instances.

Writing on the web is normally very informal and simple. It is easy to access and write on at any time you have a computer, and it usually involves less content. Writing on the internet is usually harder to read than writing on paper, and most people who want to observe long documents tend to use writing on paper.

A more formal form of writing would be done on paper. It is usually more elaborate, and presentable. It is good for presenting longer papers with a lot of content. Paper can be harder to use sometimes due to having to have access to a printer or paper and pencil. Most people also use paper for longer reading because it seems to be easier on the eye, and in-depth analysis comes easier when using paper.

The two forms are the same when it comes to grammar. Grammar is always important whether on paper or on the internet. People should be able to understand writing at all times, no matter what the medium of choice.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Free Topic

As this week is a blog topic of my choice, I figured that I would talk a little bit about my Internship plans and interviews for this coming summer.

I went to the job fair at Littlejohn and gave out probably 10 resumes. I spent a lot of time on my resume, and I was sure that I would at least grab the attention of some respectable construction companies. I have heard back from probably 5 of of them, but most were either on the other side of the country or with a company that I was not really interested in.

I have two main leads for an internship this summer. I have been accepted for an interview at Fluor, which I hope to do well in. I would give anything to get my foot in the door in a huge Fortune 500 company such as Fluor. With their tradition and success, this would be a great starting point for my career as a project manager for a construction company.

A second company that I have interviewed with is Yoder's in Fair Play, SC. They are a local, family owned company that is on the rise. They are in the supply business, and working with them would help me gain valuable knowledge and experience with a well-run and professional company.

I am very interested to see where I end up for this coming summer, and I am sure that wherever I work I will benefit and become a better worker and student because of it.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Lying on Resumes

After reading the article about lying on resumes, I was stunned at the overwhelming evidence to support that over half of the job force lies on their resumes. This is a lot of people, and this means that there are many people in the job force today that are filling positions that they may not be qualified for.

Since outsourcing and loss of jobs has become more popular today, I assume that this is the cause for all of the lying and cheating. I think that people try to gain an edge on competitors by putting an extra degree or job on their resume, and when they do it they don't think it's terribly wrong.

While it is bad that so many people lie on their resumes, I can sort of understand why they do it. People are only wanting to better themselves financially, and this can be their last resort. While wrong and illegal, I think that these people mean no harm. I also think that these people should face consequences, but people must realize that they are just human beings trying to get somewhere in life.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Market Analysis

My group, Cohort 3, decided to go with the real estate and land sale business for our SecondLife business plan.

I thought that this idea was good for our group for several reasons. We would need very little money to get this business started, as well as little design work for building our actual office. I think that having this business would be very profitable because it will create a great common ground between buyers and sellers in SecondLife, and it would make people's lives a lot easier by working through our agency.

The market analysis for our business was a little tough to do. We had to research all of the different land sale businesses in SecondLife, and it seems as if it is the biggest business out there. On the other hand, I believe that no business would be like ours. I think that our professional and business-like approach to be a middle man for buying and selling land is innovative to SecondLife business, and I think we could actually make a lot of money doing it.